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Ikas, Incorporated is a diversified company. We are an importer of high quality precision tools, hand tools and equipment for the electronics industry. We are the proud master U.S. importer for Hozan Tool Industrial Co. of Japan, as well as authorized importer of Toyo Lint Free Cleanroom Wear. We are also an independent distributor of electronic components and specialized electronic devices.
We are a distributor of pet goods. We also export, mainly to Asia, organic products.

We are customer-driven, dedicated to finding sources for products our customers want, and providing prompt and professional services to all our clients. We have developed a network of distributors and representatives in the United States for sale of tools and equipment for the electronics industry. We also sell these products directly to a large customer base of end users in North, Central and South America.


Normal Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday: 7:30am-4:30pm PT